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Decorating Like a Pro

Whether you’re living in a single or a quad this year, you want your room to be a reflection of your personality and style. I moved into the residence halls four years ago with a bunch of clothes, books, and not much else.

Three long days of orientation later, I realized my room needed a little something. Maybe more than a little something. Maybe a lot of everything to cover the white walls in my room. Anything would do. Posters, bulletin boards, maps, clocks, lanterns. But there aren’t many ways Residential Life (perfect, as it is) allows students to hang things in their room.

Naturally, I consulted a good friend, who told me that I should buy 3M strips for hanging things. A walk to Target was all it took.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with 3M’s versatile strips, let me list for you the different ways I’ve used been able to use them:

  • Hanging curtain rods from the wall
  • Pinning back curtains
  • Hanging posters, towels, dish rags, oven mits, and my keys
  • Mounting a gigantic (and magnificent) clock, ceiling lanterns, LED lights, and a floating shelf for my phone when I walk in
  • Anchoring a huge sign that says, “No Fee - Pee Free” from Urinetown (performed at Hamline when I was a Sophomore)

The result is a lot more vertical space, utility, accessibility, and a comfortable feel. I don’t know how folks did it before 3M, but I’m happy to endorse their product. Check out 3M’s website for more information on their products if you aren’t sold already. My guess is that most of your floormates are already using them! Cheers!


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